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Eight coping strategies for life with a narcissist

As I have noted on my resources page I don’t necessarily wholly endorse all the blogs or articles I reference on my website and this is such an article. It is one I came across shortly after my retreat to my parents home. In general it is not written in a tone I would use. It is blunt, yet straight forward. Channeling your “inner queen”? I am thinking that is not what the Bible teaches, however I would change it to say that being a servant to others does not mean being a rug on which others can wipe their feet. A quick read and beneficial…..

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Give an inch

I am quite sure you are familiar with the idiom “Give an inch and they’ll take a mile.” As you know, this refers to the kind of a person who when given a small amount of freedom or power will inevitably try to push for more. Continue Reading

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Wiping the Slate Clean

What is the key to a good relationship?

I am not sure this is a simple one-answer sort of question but there is one fundamental aspect to maintaining a thriving relationship. It is keeping a short tab or wiping the slate clean. Marriage counselors and veteran couples alike will vouch for this. Continue Reading

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A turning point

A few nights ago while at work I was listening to several of my coworkers talk and their conversation piqued my interest. I listened fascinated, but the more I heard the more I began to doubt myself, my actions, my decisions.

The conversation went something like this… Continue Reading

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I have a reliable and simple plan for gaining and maintaining your sanity. I call it the No Contact Rule. This was not my idea nor did I implement it for myself, but I have become a firm believer in its effectiveness.

Sounds like I am recommending it but not using it? (Do as I say not as I do.) Well, not quite… Continue Reading

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Owl bites and single moms

After 18 years of ER nursing I would think that there would be very little that could surprise me, yet I still manage to be astonished from time to time. I just worked the weekend and encountered yet another new complaint that I had not previous seen. I have seen dog bites, cat bites, human bites and snake bites (I was even bitten by a rabbit when I was a child), but I must say this was my first time to encounter an owl bite. Continue Reading